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Image by Alexander Grey
Chenai Mupotsa-Russell Art

Art from my heart

I make art ALL THE TIME. As a part of my work, research, way of expressing and so on. Here are some samples of different ways I express and create

Recent illustrations

Some sample digital illustrations. I will try to remember to regularly update. All the images on this site are also my digital creations. 

capturing life

I document everyday life with my hubby Mark and bubba Wilder. I also express my own tomfoolery and misadventures.  My ongoing visual journal. I hope a piece of it is found when humans are like dinosaurs and they think all people like to draw being on the toilet. 

Adventures of Little Chen-Chen

Little Chen-Chen is my inner-child and she loves to go on adventures! She has been on over a hundred! Here are a few.

art therapy

Art Therapy is process over product. What clients make is deeply personal and is not to be shared. Still at times I make something useful to keep as a tool. A therapeutic creative representation. Here are a few.


Little Chen-Chen loves adventures but so does adult me. She can be anything she wants to be.